“Beauty and a geek…” Just #Code already!


To challenge herself, Lyndsey Scott learned how to program games on her TI-89 calculator when she was in high school. Distraught by her peers (she was bullied and taunted in school) she sought ways to entertain herself. That interest propelled her to take it to the next level. Khorram writes, [at]

Amherst College, where she learned coding languages Java, C++ and MIPS while majoring in theater and computer science. But instead of pursuing a programming career, she plunged into modeling…She got her big modeling break in 2009 when she became the first African-American to land an exclusive contract with Calvin Klein for New York Fashion Week.

“We have this idea of people in technology being and looking a certain way,” she said. “That stereotype is destructive, and I think that’s part of the reason why female and minority programmers are so few.” I agree with Lyndsey. However, I’m in a school where I teach all young men and image doesn’t seem to be a top priority, in terms of perception, but sports sure are. There has to be some way I can empower and motivate these young men to get into this field.

Additionally gaming is big for a majority of these students, and I too am into gaming, but my entreprenuer  spirit motivates me to make a game or an app instead of playing someone else’s. Hopefully my new app class will inspire them to create and challenge themselves and others.

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