FCC: AT&T Purchasing T-mobile?

So AT&T and T-mobile? This was one of the biggest most talked about deals in my high school at the end of last school year and now it is forgotten. But what does this really mean?

According to the two articles I’ve read (below) two reasons the FCC gives for blocking the merger are: “AT&T already has a virtual monopoly of the GSM mobile market”, and that it “would be likely to lead to ‘massive’ layoffs”.

I don’t know much about GSM but I’m sure I will post something soon about that. I do, however, know about layoffs, etc. While I am not that important to be laid off, I agree with the FCC’s presumption that this would happen. The main reason I side with the FCC is because of the job redundancy. The FCC also agrees with said redundancy because it is inevitable. With the same jobs and the same type of company there is bound to be many people similar to yourself. If your on the chopping block for being laid off, what can you do to make yourself more marketable.

While this is all speculation on my part, because I have never been in this predicament, I suggest making yourself a renaissance man (i.e. Jack of all trades) throughout your job and you never know what you’ll miss or get.





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