Evidence of learning (thoughts from 2011-12)

What is evidence of learning?

As a computer teacher, could it be as simple as following daily procedures or as profound as winning a contest based off of the skills I have inspired my students to attain throughout our time in class? Benchmarks are nice, projects (to me) even better, but how is learning best evidenced?

After the recent closing of my school’s trimester and the start of our final one I began to ponder if there is one universal answer to this question. Similar to the practice of veteran educators who open the forum to any medium a student wishes to display work, this I feel should be the same practice when it comes to displaying evidence of learning.

Sure achievement makes a teacher feel nice, but when a student can earn high marks on a test, an essay, or a project, which one exemplifies true evidence of learning? To all students out there, which do you prefer and why? I am sure the answer will come in as many variations as there are students in a class. What do you think?

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