Do Poor Kids Need Art and Music Education?

This is ABSURD! Music and art are different gateways for people to learn. What one can’t learn in books they may be able to get through lectures, or discussions, or plays, or music, etc. Learning is ubiquitous and nothing should be taken away from the opportunity for one to learn.

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This is one of the most important posts you will read this year–or next.

The Rocketship charter chain hopes to be the mass-produced model for poor kids in America. It intends someday to enroll one million children.

Jersey Jazzman takes a close look at John Merrow’s PBS episode about Rocketship charters. .

The children in these charters get no music or art. None.

The leaders of Rocketship don’t see this as a problem.

In their view, poor kids need basic skills, not the arts.

Affluent parents wouldn’t accept this kind of schooling.

It is not education. It’s just schooling.

It’s schooling on the cheap for Other People’s Children.

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