Intellectual Curiosity Part 2 (It Has To Be Intrinsic)

Promoting intellectual curiosity is more than a challenge. Because of my nature I feel it is an obligation and that everyone associated with the student should assist in promoting this higher level thinking. Intellectual curiosity is visible throughout some of my school but I often wonder if it is just because of my Principals fervent push for more critical thinking…

My own experience with curiosity was met with secrecy. If I ever felt curiosity coming on I would hide it under my shirt and wait to let it out until I was alone. Curiosity wasn’t encouraged in the Sophomore computer class at the high school I attended. I specifically remember being reprimanded by my Computer Teacher for clicking where she didn’t tell me to. On the contrary, in my Senior level English class I was introduced to poetry and my curiosity peaked. Why?

I believe (as a teacher) taking your subject and making it adaptable and interesting to different audiences is essential. Shout out to the teachers who rap, use Web 2.0 tools, use PowerPoint games (e.g. Jeopardy and the like), and other resources to give their content appeal. We all learn differently but when the educator tweaks their content, to be unique and lures the student to the land of curiosity, learning has a high probability of going beyond the classroom.

I made it where I am today by being curious. I always wanted to teach because I worked in a restaurant training front of house employees and loved their eagerness to learn. I was curious how high school students learn so I networked and got my first teaching job. I am still curious about education and everything

I am teaching several Computer Technology classes where I don’t have many rules about what my students click on or how often they do so. I attribute that openness, with my students and the many applications on the computer, to how I learn. I learn by doing. I do something, mess it up, and do it again with the knowledge from the first encounter. Subsequently I make adjustments as I go forward!

I learn by listening to directions (in any format), taking notes and trying out what I trying it out. I didn’t have much discipline in or out of school so I make up rules that I must follow in order to feel accomplished. This is what I learned about how I learn best and I transfer this structure and repetition to all of my students in one way or another.

Additionally, I am naturally curious and love exploring (as do most of the students I encounter). I took that trait and nurtured it to explore whenever possible. I leave that child-like curiosity with all of the students I encounter because even if we make a mistake we are still learning.

Education Is My Life

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