10 Reasons Your Top Talent Will Leave You – Forbes

Quitting your job is not something I recommend but when it’s for a good reason (like a bum boss) go for it. I am not condoning quitting your job but in order to be happy first, and then obtain sustainable income, you must find a place of employment that meets your emotional and financial needs.

The article below talks about retention in the workplace and this is something that precedes the education of the student, in my opinion. Because it is important to provide continuity with rules and procedures, it is equally important to provide the same Computer Instructor face to the staff at a school and the parents and students year in and year out.

There is much to be said about rapport, style of teaching, and Professional Development that weigh in on the same person doing the job for a period of time. I think this is overlooked by administrators in education. But if you think of it on a small personal scale, say at home with a single parent who dates different people, it can get difficult to establish and maintain the following: a father or mother figure, flow of the family (i.e. bed times, eating habits, life changes like potty training, etc.), dual partner support in the areas of love, nurturing, role models, etc.

If you take this same scenario and magnify it to the highest limit possible, in education, having the same CEO/Superintendent means a lot to the climate and culture of the respective school district. Take Philadelphia for example…


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