Short attention span or just bored?

Lately I find my attention span getting smaller and smaller. I think this is evidenced in some of my posts but what makes me think that my attention span is getting smaller? Do I find myself bored more often than not? Do I

I have a vivid imagination, work more than I should, and like to focus on a task for long periods of time. Take for instance Twitter. When I’m on Twitter I find it difficult to tweet, retweet, and read tweets from those that I follow for a short period of time. Oftentimes I find myself on Twitter in batches of 45 minutes a piece. The same goes for most of the things I do, e.g. chores in my house, grading, playing video games. Is this a problem?

In retrospect, no it isn’t a problem. But what about during my prep periods when I’m at work? I sit in my empty classroom, or go to the faculty lunchroom for a change of scenery, and I can’t focus. Why not? Is there something wrong with me? With my actions? With my motivation? With my responsibilities at home or at work?

Whenever I have a problem I look at the outside factors first and then I look within. With that being said, my first step is to look at what I’m doing. Subsequent to this post the first place I will go is Twitter. TWITTER!

Twitter is where I will share this post and all of my others but it won’t stop there. I will read some of my favorite people’s’ tweets, and I am sure I will be there for more than the minute it takes to tweet this post. Could Twitter be one of the reasons my attention span is shortened? Or maybe it is this whole Web 2.0 (social movement) thing?

Because I can share and access just about anything at anytime and anyplace I feel this overwhelming sense of urgency to do that and do it often. Twitter is one of many catalysts but one thing I may recommend is having a black out of technology routinely. While I’m working on this, it allows me to stay grounded, rely on my memory more, and prioritize my responsibilities without my desired distractions.

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One thought on “Short attention span or just bored?

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