When the teacher’s away the students play…

Why does this happen? I was out sick until Thursday of last week and the students were inconsistent with the work I assigned. First off, I am excited because I’ll take inconsistent versus non-productive. How many of you find that you are doing more work as an absent instructor in comparison to when you are present?

The students don’t take responsibility to continue where I left off in class. My lesson plans serve as an extension of where I left off. I could put together emergency plans that veer the class in another direction but that’s neither helpful to my students or myself. Additionally it is extra work that I must grade.

We are in desperate times where every minute of every day in school should be taken very seriously. Dear students, respect the teacher and yourselves and just follow the lesson plans. Truth be told I don’t give too much work that, if completed efficiently, will allow for more than enough time for you to go about whatever else you want to do; i.e. other classwork, playing Running Fred, etc.

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