#SXSWedu: Bill Gates calls for more connected educators [REPSONSE]

There are several great points Mr. Bill Gates makes in this article. Things from isolation of teacher practices, to ‘platforms [that] let you categorize and talk about what your challenges are’ and get assistance in troubleshooting them (Greenwood). I agree with Mr. Gates when he talks about the lack of documentation (via video-recording best practices) and sharing those practices with teachers in need.

However I think this is idealistic but unrealistic. I fee that (much like the student) the educator must want to improve and help the student improve. I am a chameleon when it comes to teaching. I have been teaching for seven years and have changed my content just about every trimester I have taught. I am a Computer Instructor and believe in creation and 360 learning. I can’t possible know all nor do I think I do and that is what separates other educators from myself.

I am unselfishly interested in the overall interest in learning for each student and each faculty member on different levels…In short one of my beliefs is for educators to allow the students to redirect the learning in class for the educators to be open to finding that “sweet spot” in education that draws students in while allowing them to focus on specific curriculum-based content that enhances their knowledge base.



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One thought on “#SXSWedu: Bill Gates calls for more connected educators [REPSONSE]

  1. dhasty01 says:

    Response from a friend @ebujak

    “I wish Bill Gates would become a public school teacher for a year and demonstrate to us no-knowing idiots how to do this because he is marketing something and at the expense of teachers … most who are trying with pathetic salary, competing inputs, crying students, crying parents, crying administrators, with no equipment, with over crowded rooms, with ill-prepared students who do not meet course pre-requisites, with SpEd students with no support, with school that have major discipline problems, …

    Bill do some real research … it’s call immersion. Get down with the people you are preaching to rather than pontificating. Do what Tony Danza did. He taught English for ONLY 1 period for 1 school year and he was overwhelmed. Hey he did that in Northeast Philadelphia High School in far northeast Philadelphia.

    Bill, maybe has not learned that money cannot buy everything. It sure cannot buy health. Well maybe it cannot buy a better education for those who do not appreciate it”.

    Twitter handle: @ebujak

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