Beyond Student Engagement: Achieving a State of Flow [RESPONSE]

What a great article about “flow” in the classroom. I remember while going over my syllabus for each new class at the beginning of the trimester. While reviewing our rules, procedures and grade I would offer the disclaimer that “these all might change due to the class ‘flow’ “. This is very real but please read on (oh and read the article) for further clarification.

I agree with Elena Aguilar’s statement that “flow is an essential to mastery”. She states this when giving an example of how a philosopher reaches mastery then sees “another level” of mastery down the road; i.e. chasing the dragon. “Our students can master the craft of writing a persuasive essay, if, perhaps, they’ve had some moments of flow on their journey.” I strongly believe this mastery can exist within every and any subject but the Sweet Spot (if you will) in teaching, learning, curricula plus engagement must all come together.

How often do you experience flow? Your students? Your colleagues or administrators?

Don’t stop there, please read the comments that follow. I was in a “flow” while reading this article and read most of the comments subsequently.

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