A New Group Aims to Make Programming Cool [RESPONSE]

In the article below, Hadi Partovi and his brother Ali, formed a nonprofit foundation with the sole purpose of making computer programming enticing to students. The incentive was the lack of interested student in the US. I think this movement is great! I am a Computer Instructor and as I reinvent myself (every trimester I teach in high school) I am gravitating more and more towards Computer Science.

The article boasts about their being “150,000 computing-job openings every year for the next seven years”. This is a major call for any student interested in a guaranteed job in the future. Being that our country has been in a recession (for at least the past six years) it seems like a good direction for students to head into and I couldn’t agree more. I am so invested and interested in programming (i.e. “coding”) that I am teaching myself more so that I may teach my future students.

The author (Nick Wingfield) states that not all of the future coding positions will be as attractive as a Google, Facebook, Microsoft, et al, but “Many of them are in government, banks…life sciences and other fields…because of the growing importance of big data to those professions” (Wingfield).

Wingfield states that Mr. Partovi (et al) believe a lack of qualified teachers is one of the most serious problems blocking greater access to computer science in classrooms. I agree somewhat with this opinion but also feel that most public high schools are doing the same things they have always done and that’s teach the same curriculum the same way. There probably aren’t even Introduction to Computer Science courses taught in most public high schools in the United States. Why not?

There aren’t any in my high school and I am in the process of changing that. We implemented our first Intro to Programming course last year and have since added an Intro to Computer Graphics course that runs ever trimester. Change is inevitable but like most educational institutions, this is one area that we can’t be behind the curve on.

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New York Times article:


Code.org video:


Code Academy:


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