Opening a Gateway for Girls to Enter the Computer Field –

This is very true but why? I know there are programs out there (like the aforementioned) to introduce girls to this field but why aren’t they seizing these opportunities? As a minority, I understand they there once were barriers to entry for us and even more for minority females, but why aren’t females interested in computing? The question still isn’t answered for me. I think we should look into the allure matched with the wants and desires of girls in a career.

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All these efforts to draw in more girls to computing are great, but the last sentence is a big deal.  How do we keep them?  How do we help girls to survive the thousand paper cuts?

Girls Who Code is among the recent crop of programs aiming to close the gender gap in tech by intervening early, when young women are deciding what they want to study. With names like Hackbright Academy, Girl Develop It, Black Girls Code and Girls Teaching Girls to Code, these groups try to present a more exciting image of computer science.

The dearth of women in the tech industry has been well documented. Even though women represent more than half the overall work force, they hold less than a quarter of computing and technical jobs, according to the National Center for Women and Information Technology based at the University of Colorado, Boulder. At the…

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