Extra help

Ms. D (as I like to call her) was helping a student out but this wasn’t any ordinary kind of help. While I was at Saturday school today I experienced teaching at its finest.

What happened today is what should happen regularly in every classroom but when you’re plagued (or challenged) by 20 plus students, the necessity of one to one teaching is compromised.

One of the students asked Ms. D to help them with a mathematical graphing equation of some sort. After she complied about five minutes passed by and the student came back with another question for Ms. D about the same problem. This happened one more time when it prompted Ms. D to ask the question, are you learning this material?

Often times teachers and students interchange question and answers to result in a great. This isn’t beneficial most of the time because the extrinsic motivator is the grade and that’s where learning ends.

How can we assess students beyond the grade? How can we motivate students to want to learn the material they originally earned the poor grade on or just don’t understand beyond the grade?


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