Why Does Wisconsin Lock Up More Black Men Than Any Other State? [RESPONSE]

What a great question. When I think about it, the act almost seems racist. The article states that it looked at the prison population and “found that the state has the highest percentage of incarcerated black men in the country. About 1 in 8 black men of working age (13 percent) are in state prisons or jails”. This is very scary but why is this happening?

Maybe because “…African-Americans make up 6.5 percent of the state’s population [according to census figures]”. The author (Gene Demby) also states that “Milwaukee’s poor felons are concentrated in the same neighborhoods: The study also found that almost two-thirds of Milwaukee County’s incarcerated black men come from the city’s six poorest ZIP codes.” Talk about keeping the man down. Once black men do wrong and go to jail the game  is truly over for them because they will have problems getting a job. I think this will affect Milwaukee’s economy and crime rates for the current generation as well as generation in the future.

Read the article below and tell me (in SAOQ style) what your thoughts are.



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58 thoughts on “Why Does Wisconsin Lock Up More Black Men Than Any Other State? [RESPONSE]

  1. ahmirwhite says:

    #1Ahmir I thing that this is an act of racism.

  2. parhamramar1 says:

    #3Ramar Most of Wisconsin’s black people are incarcerated. It also has the highest rate of black men in jail out of the whole country. This is clearly not a act of racism. This is just black men doing something wrong. Why do people assume that since there are more black men than white men people think its racist?

  3. Wisconsin has arrested more black people than any other state. In my opinon this is just people being racist. I’m shore that , not all the people that are arrested are guilty. The state police probably think it is black people that are bad and that no one else is commiting crimes. Why target black people? the population of black people is Wisconson is 6.5 percent, since there is more white people , why not arrest alot of them too. Some people are just racist.

    • dhasty01 says:

      Thanks for the thorough response but just because there are more whites than blacks, does that mean that white arrests should be a higher percentage the black arrests?

  4. #1eddie This reminds me of some of the sterotypes that black male’s has, but at the same time because black men make up a lot of their population this is the reason why the numbers of black men locked up is like that.

  5. ryesheid17 says:

    #1Ryesheid. I believe that its wrong but it could be because a lot of people can be doing the wrong thing and locked up a lot of people.

  6. ahmirwhite says:

    #1Ahmir I think that this is an act of racism, just because african- americans make up 6.5 percent of the states population doesn’t mean you can start locking up all the african american men.

  7. acecarder says:

    #2charles what do you almost, the act is racist because black people are almost blame for every crime in the city now

  8. This article is about why wisconsin lock up more black male then any other state. It seems as wisconsin has more black male lock up then the southern states. I think this is racist and how long has this been going on because wisconsin is a state you barely hear about. I think this is just making us more of a target in other states. My question is why are we just now hearing about this ? #3jameel

  9. Malikh13 says:

    #4Malikh – I read that Wisconsin locks up more black men than any other state but blacks only made up about 7% of their population. In 2010, Louisiana led the country with 38% of their population being black. I think it is some racism going on in their justice system. How can blacks make up so little of their population but yet fill most of their prisons?

  10. #3 George I feel like that`s crazy and wrong cause when someone trying to get there life back they can`t they won`t give them a second change.

  11. mstratton16 says:

    #4 Messiah This Article states that many of the black males in Wisconsin live in the same district. Also that basiclly all of them are poor. This means that a lot of them are struggling to make money. Which causes them all to hustle in the streets to gain money. However with them all doing the same thing to gain currency some people are unable to prosper from it. Which causes there to be jealousy and when jealousy gets into your heart you’ll be ready to kill your brother. I’snt that how Cane and Able started “Beefing”?

  12. xxx290xxx says:

    #4 Keith For this article, I feel that this is very unusual and suspect. It could be that a lot of or most blacks act up there or it may result as being very racists. I hope it isn’t because I feel that it is very strange and just wrong that people would do such things like this.

  13. 2016mfreeman says:

    #4Makai To me I thing that the black men are the ones that are being acussed of these crimes by the white. I thing that this is a racial coment twards black people and how they are being treated by the white people. My opinion is that the white people are being stereotype to black people and that the percentage of black people there is higher than the white people. Why is the percentage of black people in jail are higher than whites.

  14. keithrob says:

    #4 Keith For this article, I feel that this is very unusual and suspect. It could be that a lot of or most blacks act up there or it may result as being very racists. I hope it isn’t because I feel that it is very strange and just wrong that people would do such things like this.

  15. jul96 says:

    #4julian I really think that’s crazy that there are 65% of African-American’s in prison.Also they are being acussed them for crimes that they didn’t do.My opinion is can they find a way to make a program to help people that was in jail or prison.

  16. 6hunna says:

    The article is saying that wisconsin has incarcerated the most black men. It is saying that they have the highest rate of incarcerated black men at 65%. I thinkn this is crazy and that it is a shame to our race. That black men are the people being looked at as bad people. Not only that hut when we have the chance to change it we don’t do anything but prove them right.

  17. #1malik I think this post is ridiculousness. The reason why i say that is because Wisconsin is very small. Of course there is going to be a lot of crime because the town or districts is very small people probably cant find job. So citizens find anything to do to provide for there family.

  18. Reblogged this on alexanderdnp and commented:
    I believe that it’s not racism but bad decisions on their behalf the people that live there.

  19. camn54 says:

    #4Cameron I think it should wake up high school drop out students about where they are headed next. Its crazy how 65% of us will never have a career behind bars. But I think ways we can stop this is to have juvenile programs because it only takes a number of age to be put in prison. Do you think African American will listen to this ?

  20. I think because it’s a racist state

  21. jcher says:

    #3John Wow, that’s ridiculous. 1 in 8 in prison or jail is unacceptable. I don’t really know what they can do other than some Beyond Scared Straight type program. But as an end result, people are still going to do as they please, even if they make ridiculously idiotic decisions that land them in jail, or prison.

  22. I think it is because it is a racist state.

  23. I think because it’s a racist state because , i looked up and its mainly whites in the state.

  24. #1Damion – This is an outrage and is unacceptable. There is crime everywhere amongst all people. It doesn’t matter what race you are. If it is against the law, you have committed a crime. I say this to say, there shouldn’t be that many black men in jail. I am sure there are white, Indian, Puerto Rican, Asian, and other races committing crime. Yet no one wants to notice them. Because it is predominantly black in the area. They should stop locking blacks up for the fun of it.

  25. cjoynes says:

    It seems as if this keeps Black men in a constant cycle; they go to jail because they their are no opportunities and they can’t get a job when they get out, therefore causing them to do crime and get arrested again in order to survive. I find this discrimination and labeling tedious and unnecessarily time consuming. What is the real reason this happens, we have all these theories and guesses but what makes this so?

  26. gbrock203 says:

    #2Gideon There are black people in Wisconsin? But seriously, that’s insane that they have that stat, not because of the stat itself but because I would have thought another state would have had that stat. States like Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia ,or any of other southern states would have been what i expected.

  27. xxx290xxx says:

    This crazy! How can you say that the population of African-American black men is so small that it it’s understandable for that percentage to be what it is? “…African-Americans make up 6.5 percent of the state’s population [according to census figures.” How is this okay to think this way?

    African-American black men carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. As if that justifies 1/8 men working or 13% of black men to be held behind bars. In order for this to change we need to change the mind set of young people. And it’s scary. I totally agree with you that it is scary but we need change and we need it NOW!

  28. mzp322 says:

    #4michael I agree with you how it seems racist when black men aren’t the only ones doing wrong in that state. i think this is a race thing a black man does one thing wrong and he goes to jail.

  29. dsbchnn12345 says:

    #4Dashaun In summary, I disagree with the statement that Wisconsin locks up black men more than any other race. I believe that it just a coincidence because maybe it just in that particular area are black men that commit more crimes. In observation, I think the question is trying to blame the law and say it their fault. I disagree with this too because it not the law fault, it the individual issues who are getting them arrested. in analysis, I believe it just another racist controversy and people should be more open minded. My only question is, What are the the most frequent crimes that these men choose to do?

  30. kevwalkerjr says:

    #2Kevin I think it’s interesting and I think it will raise some suspension in the Black Community, but I think there is more behind it.

  31. Noel says:

    #3Troy Well I’d say that its mainly due to all of the black men being released from prison and then having no where to stay. This then leasd to them not being able to find a decent paying job. This is the real problem.

  32. the king says:

    thats some crazy stuff right there. It seems like there trying to do everything they can just to put blacks behind bars. I think that a way to solve this problem is to encourage more people preferabley people in wisconson to join the the united states marine core or provide alternative jobs for black people.

  33. revowill says:

    #4 Will Jack Maybe it is a racist thing or the white people just don’t get caught. It’s not always about race just sometimes the blacks outsmart the whites or the whites outsmart the blacks it’s all fair game. Now it’s a shame that black people come from unstable communities but you get what you get make the best of it.

  34. gtaylor001 says:

    #4Gavin What is this post really saying? What i think this post is trying to say is that there may be an excess amount of black men incarcerated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and its also asking why? Why is this happening? Maybe because These black men are living in bad areas ( the post states that they live in very poor neighborhoods) and they’re choosing the wrong decision. In my opinion, I think that these men just need to be educated on how to make the right choice when they’re in a bad situation. It seems to me that because of the bad neighborhood then they’re evidently going to raised to make bad choices. So i don’t think its really their fault. Its their environment’s fault.

    Do you think they can be molded into correct role models and taught on how to make smart decisions?

    • dhasty01 says:

      I definitely think they can be molded but they must want better for themselves! You have a very positive out look as well as a great game plan on what people (especially black males) need to do go become successful. Hopefully some troubled youth can read this and gain motivation.

  35. maciredaffe says:

    #3Macire’ (or even better #DEALWITHIT) I think that this isnt racicst because the population and the decisions they made, made it so that they are incarcerated. It is alarming but it is theyre own fault because of the decisions they made and if you do the crime do the time. It is also adding to the stereotype and not enough people are trying to go against the stereotype so i dont feel sorry for the people who deserve to be there. Now if police officers are framing people than there is a problem.

  36. chudson9 says:

    #2ChrisHudson I agree that this Is an act of racism . In those states there used to be racism and they probably were growing up that way around racist friends and family. So they are so used to being racist.

  37. vaughn5898 says:

    I agree on all of this but to me crime shouldn’t happen period because it’s really no reason for it. Go through the hard work now and be accomplished later, who knows you might rich in the future with that hard work or even given a better job/raise.

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