Yuri’s Code Spiel

Code for Philly presentation started out with a definition of Code For America.

Interview Special Interest “Fellows” to use technology to improve our society. SEPTA example: budgets, schedule access, etc. Code For America makes using SEPTA easier and more useful for citizens.

They collect a lot of data for these projects. They built a 311 app…Fir example the pothole reporting (or graphiti reporter). You can take a pic of either and submit it to the city to fix.

Well how does this benefit me? What languages do you use to code? How long are your internships? Are there any apps that are fun yet helpful (instead of just bettering Philly)? How many app projects are you working on at the same time?

What is your feedback?

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19 thoughts on “Yuri’s Code Spiel

  1. kevwalkerjr says:

    I think that it is interesting because there are a lot of things that this could make easier for citizens. The only thing I want to know is how successful is it so far.

  2. I think code for philly is helping our community

  3. the king says:

    I think that Code philly can help the bums in our city with the free food thats about it. I guess it could be benificial to the students that need to do commmunity service hours

  4. dsbchnn12345 says:

    In summary, I really enjoyed the the presentation. I even looked up some of the apps that he spoke of. I even was his helper with presenting with the class. The big thing that caught my attention was this even. Where a bunch of people who enjoyed technology come together. In observation, it seem like a really good chance to network myself, while in out of college. I will always have the upper hand. In analysis, I really would like to try this in my senior year and continue in college. My only question, What is the location again?? What form of transportation get you there?

  5. shadanielss says:

    Its interesting but its on the other side of Philly which will cause problems with buses and and time.

  6. Noel says:

    The program sounds rather interesting, however like the comment above me states, The location of the program and our school hours does create a huge issue indeed

  7. 6hunna says:

    I think that this was not that much of a help to us. Because if you focus on one particular thing that leaves room for another bad thing to happen. If you are focusing on bus routes but not the neighborhood the stop is in and then you could be in a lot of trouble not worth it if you ask me.

  8. gtaylor001 says:

    Following Troy, I also consider this program to be interesting only because of what they do. Not so much of what they’re doing it for, I just enjoy taking data and trying to put it out in a way that is simplest for all to get to and use. I have no doubt that if I were to go to one of their meetings that I would be rather intrigued with their progress and overall performance.

  9. cjoynes says:

    Like how their making things more user friendly for the average “technology person”. I like what they’re trying to do.

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