Sorry, College Grads, I Probably Won’t Hire You [RESPONSE]

There are lots of things one can take away from this article but what I got most is “in the next decade American colleges will mint 40,000 graduates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, though the U.S. economy is slated to create 120,000 computing jobs that require such degrees.” HELLO! WAKE UP!

Computer Science is challenging, robust, enhances critical thinking, is dynamic, and provides starting salaries equivalent to the more popular entry level Engineering jobs. I mention Engineering because that is the career I hear my students talk about most but they are slowly coming to the CompSci side.

I agree with Kirk when he urges everyone to get involved in computer programming somehow, especially during your boring summers. Why not this summer? Why not ASAP. Okay, before 3rd grade may be a little challenging but why not introduce a programming language when children start learning cursive? Or really start to under their second language?

My daughter will enter 4th grade next year and although she started learning Spanish when she was in 1st grade she still can’t put a full sentence together. Guess what? You don’t make sentences when you program. For arguments sake you make mere sentence fragments and use short word phrases that are common with the current high school texting generation. All the more reason to learn more useful syntax than “Ard” and “TY”. Oh, and “YW”!

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