Cutting and coloring key to future abstract reasoning skills [RESPONSE]

2Fcutting_and_coloring_key_to_future_abstract_reasoning_skills article

Subsequent to reading this article, I instantly feel like my children will be prepared for the future and in school. Have you ever encountered a child that doesn’t yearn to color, copy shapes or other things, cut things out, or glue or paste things? If so, encourage that child to participate in all of the aforementioned activities because (according to this article) they will show “significant improvement in math and executive-functioning skills. These foundational skills may be more important than subject-matter instruction in early childhood classrooms, the researchers suggest” (Samuels).

I wish more studies like this were completed on High School students and the way they learn. I believe this state (and country overall) would do a better job with educating our youth if we met them half way. Heck, even us coming 60 to their 40 is okay if they actually learn and apply what they have learned.

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