Bill Gates Discovers Money Cannot Buy Teachers

“Ultimately, there are three ways to get people to do something you want them to do. One is to force them, by making the consequences for not complying onerous or unacceptable. The second is to lure them, by offering some sort of bribe or incentive. The third is to get them excited about your ideas, whereupon they may engage with enthusiasm”.

I believe many educators force and lure students into earning grades by any means necessary. While this sentiment is extremely controversial, I feel the third option aforementioned is the best. But why do educators stoop so low?

Is it the lack of confidence in subject area? Or in classroom management? Is it the educators’ lack of motivation to persevere and live as an example of a motivated life-long learning educator?

It’s sad but if the Gates Foundation tried the two ways with all of their money, and it failed, why do some educators continue to do so? Furthermore, why do we fail these educators and these students by sitting by idly and not rocking the boat?


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