Are Charter Schools Worth It? [Education Week]

“I think that the future of K-12 learners is brighter as a result of the inception of charter schools but only if these schools are continually monitored for quality, strength in management and prioritization of student needs” (Lynch). I agree with Matthew’s statement because I have seen charter schools come and go and I believe the ones that stay around have proper monitoring of the aforementioned traits. Working for a charter school allows me to analyze the following: student achievement, administration, community involvement and overall operations of a charter school. Subsequently I know success through NY failure and resources and I feel all students should have the same confidence

“For charter schools to succeed in the future, there needs to be more transparency. States have long held a somewhat laissez faire approach to charters, allowing them freedom to operate how they see fit and not stepping in until mistakes are beyond repair” (Lynch). What if teachers operated like this in the classroom? [side-note: I’m sure some teachers do.] What would happen to our students? Our schools? Our future?

As stated in this post, charter schools are needed to balance our public schools out but both can be successful (and produce equally successful students) if we want that? Do you want that?

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