Are my assessments good enough?

Sometimes you can’t tell if your assessments are good enough until you’re thrown into the fire (i.e. until you’ve created, administered & graded the exam). But what makes it good enough? I mean, how do you know?

I judge if my assessments are good in a few ways. One thing I look for is how the students perform on the assessment. What were the range of grades overall? Were there any outliers? These questions (answered by the data) are one of the ways I interpret the students’ assessment.

Another thing I look forward to, when judging assessments, is a students’ understanding of the information in which they are assessed. Did your assessment enable critical thinking? Did your assessment open the possibility of future learning from the student? How about the students’ interest in collaborating with others for increased learning opportunities due to your assessment?

With this end in mind, allow for some of these questions to be answered because they are interesting assessments themselves.

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