Routine, consistency and practice

When I get up in the morning I have a routine that I am developing as school starts. This consists of using the bathroom, doing a light workout, waking my son up and preparing him, getting my lunch for the day and getting out of the door. In class the same method holds true, however, the routine is different. But the thing I want to hit home is, HAVE A ROUTINE!

As a veteran educator, I know that having a routine is essential to effective teaching and learning. It doesn’t matter if you have an instruction board (mine consists of a Do Now, the agenda, the objective, the homework) or just the attendance. If you get into a routine of doing things students respond better and can anticipate when tests come or when it’s time for them to focus because they know every Monday you give the 15 minute lectures.

As an instructor it helps keep me focused and organized. I see a pattern of the same developing among all of the students I interact with so that’s a win win. I have even seen the benefits of my routines with students that haven’t ever taken my class but have interacted with me. I approach them the same way and they are accustomed to that. I’ll save another post for the level of respect and rapport it creates but give me the benefit of the doubt and establish and maintain a routine this school year.

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