Genius Hour

I work with a bunch of geniuses. They challenge me and others everyday. They walk and talk like their environment but they are geniuses. Know any? I do and they don’t even know it.

These students (aka “geniuses”) have been blogging in my class for about 3 weeks now. Their blogs are multiplying as the trimester progresses. They are the best cohort of bloggers I’ve seen since this courses creation (2 years ago).

Current Events, Technology, Free Form, Professional, and Special Topic (Genius Hour) are the daily topics that they blog about. Essentially these geniuses are honing their social networking talents to become their own PR spokesperson and potentially that for a company.

I’m proud to work alongside of these geniuses because of their critical minds, how they see the world, and their ability to share that with me and the world. In the future I’ll repost one if their blogs and comment on it. Comment as you like and dare to be wowed at our future leaders.

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