The Truth About 1:1

I am intrigued by Jenn’s research. “The truth about 1:1 is that it’s not about the technology, it’s about the culture” is spot on and as I work within my 1:1 school, I am learning that this is true. Many times we are focused on technology instead of focusing on a culture that fosters learning. When you add “at-risk” students, inconsistent ($0-?) budgets, and an emphasis on testing the culture is like building a foundation on a moving flatbed.

As I continue with my life-long journey in education technology, I can now etch a notch on my belt of understanding about 1:1’s. My school has been 1:1 since its creation but is just starting to act like it in its culture. This is evident when students come to my lab to do research on intrinsically motivated projects and not simply school work. Evidence also prevails when I hear few to no comments like, “I don’t even want to go to this school”. As stated in my recent annual goals meeting, the teachers care and work hard and the students are catching up to us! Irrespective of the technology on hand (at your current institution), please place the emphasis on student success beyond the class to embark on a journey of 1:1 before, during and after the technology arrives.

Jennifer L. Scheffer

I started my Master’s degree in Educational Administration in 2010. I finished in May of 2013.

For three years I studied 21st century educational leadership. I read articles and textbooks, analyzed case studies, and discussed with classmates and professors the traits and characteristics of effective school leaders. In 2011, I started using social networking sites to develop a PLN and began learning from a group of highly successful school administrators throughout the country. Many of these administrators contributed to my capstone project: The Impact of the Tech-Savvy School Leader on School Culture. 

I often imagined what it would be like to work for the kind of school leadership team I had studied for so long: a group of people with a clear vision for their school, which included an emphasis on providing students and teachers with the latest technology, and the ability to effectively communicate that vision to all stakeholders…

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