A destination and a path…

I’m on my first camping trip with my family and we’re having a great time. There are numerous opportunities to learn and have fun as well as opportunities to get hurt and become frightened.

We all think about the former and avoid the latter in our exploration irrespective of the circumstances. Let’s make education our circumstance or situation. The teachers main goal is for you to learn and (I feel) this should be accomplished by any means necessary. However, if you’re a student you may be distracted by the fun part and not see far down the road the pain or fear forthcoming.

In the dark night you look for a path to your destination. Sometimes that path is a dirt road and many times it’s through shrubs and branches. Sometimes your destination is the bathroom, your tent, or the fire. Sometimes your destination is even safety.

In education I believe our destination should be success with the pathway of learning.

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