We Need WE!

Like football players on a team, each player cannot succeed without the others. You have one teacher in a department that is part of several departments of a school. That school (traditionally) is a part of several schools in a district, and so on. The common thread is that they are all connected and work together.

To say that a teacher can exist without their students is almost as ridiculous as saying a school can exist without its teachers. With tongue in cheek, technology is pushing those limits of having a class beyond the traditional approach by having some classes exist without teachers, but that’s another topic. I need you! We need you! WE NEED WE!

Staying connected as educators is essential to the success of us as professionals, the success of our students intellectually and the sustainability of learning. Staying connected removes us from the box of the Professional Development mold. It creates relationships that aren’t confined or defined by that same mold. Additionally it moves us beyond doing just the minimum for acknowledgement (i.e. Act 48 credits, etc.) and expands our learning about infinite topics and people.

If there were no Twitter (et al) I would have a difficult time learning, growing and sharing with other educators in comparison to what I do now. Similar to this concept (with an emphasis on sharing) the creators of such wonderful applications, like Facebook, see the importance of connecting or sharing. It is in our nature to share something with another often and I am grateful for these social networks because they have enabled a new way of learning, growing and sharing in any setting but especially education.

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