Light when it’s dark

Once you figured out your destination and chosen one of many paths, what if you get lost? Often times on the road you have a divider, a signal, barriers or parameters, etc. The teacher in a classroom provides that and more.

Did you ever look for something in the dark? Chances are, if you are looking for something and you have a general idea of where it might be, it doesn’t seem that difficult to find. But what if you aren’t in a familiar setting?

In education students often need you to be that light. You can provide a familiar setting when reviewing material or even being an educator with consistent classroom procedures. This familiar setting enables students to open their minds and be more attentive during key learning times. Additionally when you create that spark and the student finds what they are looking for (i.e. learn something) they have bookmarked a familiar settings and broken ground to learn more easily.

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