@EdWeekTeacher’s Tweet: Does full computer based learning work? [RESPONSE]


Where should we draw the line when integrating technology and learning? Does fully computer-based instruction work for some students? In your experience, how well do students navigate their own learning on digital devices? 

“[E]ducational neglect” is a little too much, don’t you think? Educational neglect is what’s been going on in our education system since the early ’80s, in my opinion. Since the inception of Microsoft in ’82 I have seen a shift in learning (be it style or instruction). If we (educators) don’t change how we teach, or allow students to learn, our future is doomed. Subsequently I feel that we are neglecting our future.

So what if your entire class uses their cell phones! So what if your school isn’t a 1:1 environment! Does that mean that those students are at a learning disadvantage or have advantages to learning? It all depends on your mindset. But in the case of this article, where “there will be no teachers, curriculum, or separation into age groups—just six or so computers and a woman to look after the kids’ safety”, do you think this is a bad idea? (Heitin) Why or why not? I say for the sake of learning this is a good idea if it works for the student. However, the student should be enriched in other ways. Some of these ways would be: group projects, in-person live presentations among peers, periodic check-in’s with an adviser/mentor, etc.

Ultimately I don’t think we should draw the line (universally) when integrating technology and learning. It seems to be the same as telling your class that they have to read a certain way or add a particular way. Similar to No Child Left Behind, the Common Core and other famous movements, it isn’t how you learn it’s what you learn and how often you learn it that we should be the main focus. How do you learn best?Do you really know?

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