@educationweek: Students need help in selecting the right college & taking on a manageable debt burden, new paper suggests…[RESPONSE]


While going to college is not for everyone neither is not going to college. Caralee Adams states:

“While there are rewards, there are also risks associated with going to college…What students need now is help selecting the right institution, taking on a manageable debt burden, and finishing their degree, suggest authors of a new paper, Smart Shoppers: The end of the “College for All” Debate” (Adams).

I couldn’t agree more. As a High School Instructor I often talk with students aspiring to go to big name colleges with no certainty of a major field of study. I always offer the differing reality of going to a Community College, working, or going to a Trade School. I am all for the students making the right decision for them now and in the future. Fortunately every students’ predicament is different so I encourage them to learn about themselves, to reflect often, and to be realistic with their plans.

What is a good place for students to get that ‘help’ that Caralee speaks of? When will educators encourage students to choose the best option instead of forcing college on every student irrespective of the college preparatory name the institution may carry?

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