@EducationWeek Cheating: A Symptom of the Crisis in Urban Schools [RESPONSE]

What a great article! However I felt myself moved to fight back. I agree with many points Ben (the author) made, but I have some disagreement.

Is short this article talks about the frustration or be on there of of an educator dealing with the conflict of a system that internally and externally plagued and setup to fail indefinitely. Why agree with most view points I highly disagree with the rest now. Regardless of a high-stakes of the school or district or ruler urban setting cheating is from within. I believe that extrinsic motivators or influences more so than intrinsic 1 create the motivation to cheat. However, I do not feel that this is the case all of the time.

For example, Ben (the author) thinks that it’s “a coincidence that in school systems like these, where enrollments and revenues are rapidly declining, educators are cheating to help keep their schools afloat?” What do you think? I’m unsure and have never really thought about it until this article surfaced.  Ultimately I feel that the risk for our society and the student’s future is far too great to jeopardize it with bad decisions like cheating.


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