The Hour Of Code was revolutionary from its inception to its deployment. Who would have thought that someone would spark an initiative that would be backed by the President of the United States (Barack O), an industry leader (Mark Z) and a technology icon (Bill G)?

I for one didn’t but am happy to say that the Hour Of Code was and still is here. I am a Computer Technology Instructor and capable of coding, as per my undergraduate experience, but wanted to get the message out to every student that they too are capable of coding. Coding opens up your mind to creatively explore your critical thinking skills. It pushes you to learn a skill and use it to use that skills immediately to create a bigger project individually and collectively. We “code” everyday but don’t really call it that.

I am ecstatic to say that I held an hour of code with my students and the community of students overall at Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia Charter School. The Hour Of Code Video is in the preceding link. Although the participation was minimal (i.e. the quantity of students and the duration of HOC segments per day) the amount of teachable moments were worth it.

A few questions that I need to answer before next year’s Hour Of Code are:

  1. How can I market this better? I didn’t do a good job getting the work out too far in advance.
  2. How can I make sure that more interested students participate? I can talk to all teachers and offer an extra credit incentive as well as make sure every interested student has a means of participating.
  3. How can I make sure the the interested students fill that interest year round? Communicate efficient ways for them to get that coding fix that is needed once the interest is there.

Question, comments or suggestions?

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