My #EduCon 2015 experience

This was my first EduCon experience and I had a blast! The best way I can summarize it is the following: take a networking frenzy followed by endless stimulating conversation about education and there you have it. What makes this so amazing is that I made about 15 solid new contacts and have about three or four solid new ideas that adds to my education philosophy.

Saturday and Sunday were the main days of EduCon. Each day started out with a keynote and a panel discussion, respectively. I missed the keynote on Saturday but had great seats for the panel discussion on Connections in Education. The panelists were:

  • Melinda Anderson (@mdawriter) – Education Writer, Activist, Author – Ghostwritings
  • Elyse Eidman-Aadahl (@ElyseEA) – Executive Director, National Writing Project
  • Vanessa Gennarelli (@mozzadrella) – Learning Lead, P2PU
  • Otis Hackney (@odhackney3) – Principal, South Philadelphia High SchoolModerated by Christine Weiser, Tech & Learning Magazine

Out of all of the great sessions I attended this panel sticks out the most. Hearing the great points of view about what the city is lacking, as well as how each of the panelists were moving forward to help the city out, was inspirational and just what I needed to bring back to my school.

I highly encourage you attend Educon next year if it’s the only Professional Development thing you do. I know I will and I have 2 people willing to attend with me already!


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