…I Ain’t Got It

I was thinking about a bring your own device (BYOD) session: urban style. I don’t think my school is using near the adequate amount of technology it should be, in my opinion. Q: So how do I change that? A: Lead by example!

Well I don’t know if I can change it per se, but I know that I can make a plan as if I had the power to influence the change. At Boys’ Latin there are approximately 450 students. In my experience I would estimate that approximately 400 have Internet access (in some way, shape, or form) in and outside of school.

This year Boys’ Latin added a few laptop carts to combat the deficiency of laptops among the ninth grade students. We are a one-to-one school excluding the ninth grade. BYOD is a perfect way to supplement the 50 or so students who do not have Internet access to a device at all.

My plan is as follows:

  • Ensure all laptops work and make a backup plan for when they’re not working (via hardware and/or network connectivity).
  • I would make at least 3 laptop carts readily available on each floor to eliminate the need for personal laptop repair.
  • Allow for adequate planning (individually and collectively) for effective technology integration and deployment.
  • In some way, phase departments into this transition (i.e. the use of technology).
  • Mandate some sort of Learning Management System (LMS) that all faculty must utilize and keep current.
  • Lastly (ongoing) have monthly professional development sessions and a resource person for teachers and administrators to troubleshoot technology issues with equipment or planning throughout the technology integration.

This isn’t an end-all solution but it will definitely shake up the learning and the way we use technology.

Technology is like Math, if we don’t practice it we will forget how to use it properly.

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