Teacher Academies Featuring Microsoft Solutions for the Classroom

It was a windy, chilly day in Philadelphia and I had to teach. Instead I decided to take the day off, and visit The School Of the Future in West Philadelphia, for my first Microsoft Teacher Academy. It came highly recommended from a colleague I trust and follow, as well as a new group of friends I call PAECT.

I met up with my mentor, and made connections with people as far away as Allentown and as close as Trenton (to me that is). Although there weren’t many people, the information and connections were worth the day long Professional Development. Who would have thought Microsoft has so many amazing education technology tools?

All along I was focused on Edmodo, then I recently transitioned to the new Google Classroom. I feel like I’m learning more and more every day and just when I think I’m catching up, this Academy comes and knocks me back a few years. I love my profession because of it’s dynamic nature!

Microsoft’s (MS for brevity) OneNote and Mix were among the most memorable things about today. The only thing that would be able to top that was my connection with a current PAECT member that shared her route to attaining her Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS) certification. Also memorable was the Windows Store. Boy do I need to upgrade my OS to 8.1!

I would most definitely attend another Microsoft Teacher Academy and you should too.

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