Well that didn’t work…

It is my first trimester teaching my new course, MS Apps and it is challenging to ensure the students are enabled to learn about document formatting, spreadsheet manipulation and presentation tools.

I thought I was doing okay, but a student (today) enabled me think otherwise. I am so used to Edmodo that I took it for granted via Google Classroom. Instead of scanning project descriptions into the computer I usually take photos with my Smartphone and upload them to Edmodo. Well, Google Classroom isn’t there yet (to say the least) so I’ve been emailing them to myself.

I don’t want to turn this milestone into a technology rant so I won’t go into the countless other ways I could have made this happen. Back to the point, I need to change! I made up my mind that tonight I was going back to scanning the projects into the computer the way I used to do it. This provides for clearer directions that the students should have no problem following.

Sometimes old school ways work better than new ones. When it comes to this course, I will have my scanned projects to reference and I plan to ultimately encourage feedback to enable them students to learn and grow as I have.

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2 thoughts on “Well that didn’t work…

  1. alford784 says:

    How are you going to go about those students who may have trouble with the way things are scanned? Or, the students that work better with a physical, hard copy in front of them? I see what you’re saying, but it only seems as though you’re only changing your ways for that one student and aren’t thinking about the others.

    • dhasty01 says:

      Great comment and question! In my experience most students are fine with following all online instructions in the PDF format. Upon request I will print out physical copies for the students that need assistance in that way.

      Mr. Hasty


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