Peer Tutoring

I recently started a Peer Tutoring group at my school because students aren’t handling their business. I think our school has a morale that hard work enables success but about half of the school isn’t pulling their weight. Why not?

I have learned much through my interview process. From screening the applicants based off of interviews (et al) I ultimately tiered students into the categories ranging from strongest to weakest tutors. I call the tutors my starters, on the bench, and deep on the bench. This classification system works best for those who need the explanation mainly because they like sports.

I think highly of all of my tutors but am running into a student participation shortage, i.e. THERE AREN’T ANY STUDENTS THAT ARE SHOWING UP TO BE TUTORED!

Please excuse the caps but it is frustrating considering all of the time I put into getting the best tutors possible. My wishes:

  • Stretch my tutors’ availability and make them accessible whenever instead of the structured 12:30-3:00PM on Wednesdays
  • Strongly encourage (persuade) students in need to get tutored
  • Create incentives from teachers for students in need that are getting help

How would you increase participation in a tutoring program?

Stay tuned for the Peer Tutoring update…


“The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching.”

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