Barry 2x

It’s a wonderful thing to support and be supported. One of the concluding sentiments of discussions at OSI soft on a Monday afternoon​ was to support and give back after you’ve ‘made it’.

Barry #2 helped me show some Boys’ Latin students what a successful software company looks like. He introduced the workings of the company and lured us wih some of its clients. Barry then had several departments talk to us about how they contribute to the overall company. He stressed the importance of networking and maintaining excellent grades in school.

What a great opportunity for our young men. I am trying to provide different site visits to companies in Philly to relate to what I’m teaching. I feel that this will complete the learning cycle with an incentive to intern based off of the interest of my students and their subsequent success in my course.

Thanks for your heart felt testimony Barry 1. Sharing your story has impacted me greatly and I can’t wait for our students to give back like you are.

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