How can I be down?

As an educator I come across all types of students and educators. One of the reasons I like teaching is because I am constantly learning. A part of constantly learning is being able to accept the things that I do not know from different sources. One of my sources is students!

Students have a tremendous amount of knowledge, as I often refer to them as geniuses. As a computer educator, I challenge myself (and the students I meet) to learn no matter what the circumstance. One of my most recent learning adventures was when a student suggested I watch a music, Save Dat Money. In short, Lil Dicky makes an “Epic Rap Video” on a budget. He jokes about rappers’ tendency to not pay attention to the amount of money they spend and makes his mark by doing the opposite.

Not only did I learn that this student wanted to be successful, but he also wanted me to be ‘put on’. To teenagers, this is a big deal. Making me aware of what he thought was cool is a ‘Code of the Street’ that many teachers don’t or may never experience.

How may we as educators put students on to how to be successful? Putting formal education aside, I feel responsibility and proper planning are two ways I plan on making my mark, in Philly at least. What do you plan on doing?

Lyrics to the song:

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