This site is about my profession and what I experience through my travels.

I am a Computer Technology Instructor in Philadelphia. I have been so for a few schools and look forward to the next school year I can learn and teach simultaneously with technology.

I recently graduated from Chestnut Hill College with a MS in Instructional Technology. Additionally, this site houses my ePortfolio of my accomplishments and assignments to serve as a reference for the world and the panelists that hold the fate of me earning the Pennsylvania state certification as an Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS).

My goal is to ultimately become the Instructional Technology Specialist (or Chief Information Officer) for the School District of Philadelphia. Through my journey I plan to gain a lot of experience as an Educator and an Instructional Technology Specialist. As an Educator I believe that experience will allow me to work with students of all ages and varying abilities. As an Instructional Technology Specialist I hope to assess the needs of a district, assemble a diverse team, and manage and acquire the necessary resources to to enable all students to achieve their maximum potential throughout all disciplines.

Please view this site, and the pages therein, because they will elaborate the aforementioned.


Desmond A. Hasty