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The Power of hastags…

We’ve talked about the power of tweeting before. Twitter, when harnessed, can provide important connections and fantastic advice from professionals and other writers. Twitter is often described as being like a stream of continuous information. But how does one navigate that which at times seems more like a tidal wave? The answer is to […]

via The power of hashtags (#) when you are a writer — Live to Write – Write to Live


What a great post and #write on time! Get the pun?

Please read the article enclosed…

Recently I told you to start adding tags to your work to summarize your post. In addition add another tag with a hash (#) in front of it. I know most of you are on other Social Media outlets (e.g. Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) but bring that style over to WordPress. Any questions? Please comment in no more than 3 sentences.

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