Objective I.B.

Integrating technology into curricular planning and instructional design.

Title: Emergent Technology Papers
Links: Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3

These three documents demonstrate my ability to analyze existing and emerging technologies. These attachments list the existing/emerging technology, the benefits and challenges it provides for an educator and student, examples of how the technology has the potential to address various learner characteristics and developmental levels, as well as my recommendation as if I would purchase it for my district or not and why.

Title: Multimedia learning paper
Links: SA Review 1, SA Review 2

These papers display my ability to research a topic related to multimedia learning in education. During my time in GRIT 699 I learned about designing a website and what to avoid so that I will not detract from the side but contrarily provide a visual hierarchy for the visitor of the site.

Title: Meeting of the Minds Talk Show
Link: Video of Talk Show

The artifact here is a depiction of a talk show between Isaac Asimov, Dumbledore (Harry Potter), Montessori, Coach K, the Dali Llama and myself portrayed as Leon Katz. This is a segment of the meeting of the minds in order to discuss education with the caveat of technology. Each of my colleagues plays one of the aforementioned important figures and represents their point of view in this discussion.

Title: Back to School Night Presentation
Links: Back to School Night Presentation

The above link is to a presentation I made for parents interested in what we are doing in the Computer Technology classes that I teach. In the presentation the classes that I am teaching for the first trimester are displayed as well as the major takeaway’s that the students should acquire as a result of this technological influence. This serves as a reference point for conversation between the parent and teacher, the parent and student, and accountability for how technology is used in the school.

Title: Boys’ Latin Computer Survey
Links: Boys’ Latin Computer Survey

The link above leads to a Computer Survey I created using Google Forms. It is open to the public and leads to critical information that allows me to tweak each Computer course I teach in order to optimize learning. This information is vital as the students change each trimester. The form also allows me to get better at meeting students with instruction where they will receive and retain it.


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