Objective I.D.

Research, problem solving and product development of technological applications.

Artifact: Blog about Technology in Education
Title: Technology in Education
Link: Click the picture to the right and it will link you to my blog.bowtie_tmblr

The artifact above exemplifies my continued practice through research and ongoing conversations about education in technology. This is one of the many ways I research and problem solve technology in education. Others include (but are not limited to): Twitter and Education is My Life.


Title:  Emergent Technology Papers
Links: Research Paper 1Research Paper 2Research Paper 3

These three documents demonstrate my ability to analyze existing and emerging technologies. These attachments list the existing/emerging technology, the benefits and challenges it provides for an educator and student, examples of how the technology has the potential to address various learner characteristics and developmental levels, as well as as my recommendation as if I would purchase it for my district or not and why. I believe the papers above exemplify my ability to research educational technology applications.


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