Objective II.A.

Managing instructional technology services including:

  • creating an environment that fosters interest and growth in all aspects of technology
  • establishing and maintaining rapport with all staff and students
  • communicating high learning expectations
  • creating a safe physical environment that is conducive to learning

Title: Teacher Observation Sheet
Link: Observation-2013

This artifact speaks of my ability to consistently enable critical thinking in my classroom and throughout the school whenever possible. The observation also talks about my faculty and student rapport as well as my contributions in marketing the accomplishments of the school online as needed.


Title: Syllabus for new course
Links: Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Illustrator, IntroToPgmg

Rationale:Tagxedo Pgmg
These artifacts display my ability to see a weakness in a schools academic setting and create, integrate, implement and manage a curricula as needed. I created the curriculum (and subsequent course) for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Intro to Programming. This both creates an environment that fosters interests and growth, and displays my effort to push a higher expectation of technology learning at an institution.


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