Objective III.D.

Communicating effectively with parents/guardians, other agencies
and the community at large to support learning by all students.

Title: Academic Success Check-Ins
Links: T1Progress Report AP letter_dah, T1 AP letter

These artifacts are meant to notify the parents of students (in the Junior Class at Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia Charter School) how they are doing academically and whether or not we recommend additional help, at this time, to make sure the student is progressing well academically. Every grade level chair person uses some variation of these forms to communicate with parents/guardians of the respective students.


Title: Back to School Night Presentation
Links: Back to School Night Presentation

The above link is to a presentation I made for parents interested in what we are doing in the Computer Technology classes that I teach. In the presentation the classes that I am teaching for the first trimester are displayed as well as the major takeaway’s that the students should acquire as a result of this technological influence. This serves as a reference point for conversation between the parent and teacher, the parent and student, and accountability for how technology is used in the school.

Title: Boys’ Latin Student Computer Use Survey and Results
Links: Student Survey, Student Survey Results

The above are links to a computer survey and its subsequent Google spreadsheet where it houses the entries made from the form. Its purpose was to gain a better understanding of the technological needs and uses of our students outside of school. The survey was conducted to make future technology purchasing decisions.

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