If you asked me whether or not I thought we were going to be successful this year, I would have said yes. I have never changed that stance from day one when I became the Robotics coach back in August. Our competition on Saturday at the Philadelphia Regionals proved that. We went in with only four students out of a ten person team.

Our robot wasn’t driving due to the chronic software problems we were experiencing — Android Studio. Our team hung in there and persevered. We were helped by a father-and-son duo who was there just to help people. In no time our robot was up and running. We passed all three inspection stations (with a little turbulence) and competed with the best of them.


Unfortunately our whole team wasn’t there to experience the magic of perseverance and dedication AND I plan to archive these experiences so that all will be able to benefit in some way. To the discouraged in any venue, DON’T GIVE UP!

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I Am Not Your Negro OPINION

I Am Not Your Negro

This is a good movie that I went to see with the Junior Class students of Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia Charter School yesterday. If not evidenced in the link above, this movie is spoken through James Baldwin and focuses on how black people interpret others and are interpreted.
Mr. Baldwin narrates the movie, for the most part, in what was supposed to be a book about the impact of three important Black Historical figures (Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King and Medgar Evers) and race relations in the US. The movie travels from France, to Harlem and beyond. I like the question that is ultimately posed, why was the nigger invented? It is charged with endless responses but I am curios to see what the general american response would be…img_9473

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